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Linoleum Print Cards – the Series?

On the flights home from Jackson I worked on some linoleum cuttings I had drawn out before I left. I bet the airline loved me – little pieces of pink rubber strewn around the seat. I did bring an empty baggie with me and cleaned up as best I could! In the two flights I was able to complete 3 cuttings. What I ended up with once they were printed were these:

The Nest

Mountain Goat

Bird on a berry branch

Then since I’ve been home I’ve made a few more.

Bee Skep Dripping Honey

Guinea Hens


Combining some of the earlier cuttings I had done in my ‘art classes’ with the kids, I would like to come up with a couple of different sets of cards; maybe ‘Wyoming Wildlife’, ‘Bees’, ‘Birds’, and ‘Chickens’. While I don’t have any complete sets yet, they would look something like this.

The beginning of the grouping called ‘Bees’.

This is the beginning of the ‘Wyoming Wildlife’ set. I’ve got a bear I’m going to do next. Perhaps I should include Evan in the series?

Maybe a grouping of these could be called ‘Birds’?

And of course I’d need to come up with a chicken and goat series, but so far I’ve only got one for each category.

Does anybody like the idea?


  1. i love them. I loved the one on the jam the only problem was that if it got wet the color came off (condensation, etc). What about having stickers printed up with the image on them for your product labels? or removable tags tied on the yarn around the jar neck that would be that could be re-used as a little gift card? I wasn’t sure how to deal with the label for the dishwasher so I removed it but it made me sad to take off the beauty. I think the egg one is great for the egg cartons! Okay… can you tell… I love them. And would buy them as a notecard set or love them on jars.

  2. Good point about the labels in the dishwasher! Technically speaking the hen could go in the bird series…

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