Favorite Blogs and Websites

While I spend an awful lot of time on the computer, not a lot of it is spent “surfing”. That said, these are the sites that I do check out on a regular basis.

Pinterest is amazing. It’s a virtual pinboard for the internet. I use it constantly and my oldest daughter, Amanda, just may have to go into a treatment program to break her addiction to the site soon. I wish somebody had thought of it sooner. I use it to categorize all of my craft, food and decorating ideas I find on the internet. You can follow family and friends on it to see what they’ve been pinning, or check out what the experts are pinning too. Warning: you can get lost in this site for hours. You do need to “request an invitation to join”. If you have any problems with it, send me an email and I’ll “invite you to join.”

Lisa Bonchek Adams is a good friend. She writes about life, motherhood, her struggles and experience with breast cancer, dealing with the grief and loss of her mother-in-law being killed in a car crash two years ago, and her son Tristan. Born with congenital abnormalities in his spine and hands, as well as a rare condition requiring heart surgery at 7 months.

My friend Susan is the writer behind Ash Tree Cottage, a blog about collecting, cooking, decorating, thrifting and her dog, Bentley.  She stumbled across my site one day and sent me a note and we’ve been friends since. She lives in Idaho and is first in line to come to my Saddlebags Cowgirl Camp.

It still blows my mind that some people don’t know what Etsy is. It’s so wonderful. You can find incredible handmade crafts from around the world all in one place. You can also find hard-to-find crafting supplies there as well.

Red is this funky store I stumbled upon in the tiny town of Fredericksburg, Texas this past March. They have really unusual things and a great assortment of unique funky antiques.