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We’ve Got Siding – Finally!

Kiki and Grace got SO big while I was gone. Six days is a long time when you're a goat baby.

Everybody missed me while I was away. They, in their own animal way, all seemed excited to have me home.

Both of the babies seem to have rocket boosters built into their little hooves! I have never seen such small things jump so high. Grace was almost jumping on to the kitchen counter this afternoon trying to get to her bottle! And she can easily jump onto the counter of the lemonade stand. Jumping into my lap from any seat is a piece of cake for both of them. It’s still almost impossible to get a good photo of baby goats though, as they are in constant motion.

I was very disappointed to come home and discover that virtually nothing had been done to the goat house and chicken coop while I was gone. Why is getting a job done by contractor’s always such a struggle? After a stern email to them last night, they did arrive today and worked a surprisingly full day. I now have the live-edge siding up all around the goat house and around half of the chicken coop. I love the way it looks.

Front and entry side of goat house with live-edge siding.

Rear of goat house with the live-edge siding

Far side of goat house with live-edge siding

The chicken coop's live-edge siding

Of course the goats are already happily eating the bark off of the siding. I’ll have to get some bitter spray for it that you use with puppy’s and see if that keeps them from eating it.

One of these days the buildings will be finished. The chickens are quite anxious to get into their new coop. The higher ceiling height and the solar exhaust fan in the cupola should help to keep it much cooler than the current coop. They’ll like that.

The chickens can't wait for the grand opening of the new coop.


  1. oh, there’s supposed to be siding? And here I thought the homes were going to be blue permanently… nyuck nyuck whoop whoop… Looks great!

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