My Family

My oldest daughter Amanda, is 26 years old and married to David, whom she met while attending the University of Kentucky. They are currently living in Cincinnati, where Amanda works as a nurse in the transplant unit of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and is just finishing school for her Nurse Practitioner degree. She’s still my baby, but she’s about to have her own baby! Their daughter is expected at the end of September and I am SO excited to be a grandma!

My second daughter, India, is 18 and a freshman at Bucknell University.

My twins, Evan & Maia, are now 16.

Evan, being the only boy with three sisters feels a little bit like odd-man-out sometimes. He’s a boy through-and-through and I love him like a mother can love her only son. He’s a seriously good skier who wishes we lived full-time in Wyoming so he could be on the Olympic ski team some day.


Maia is a goofy, beautiful, kind girl who has always marched to her own tune. This works just perfectly with our quirky & slightly peculiar family and I’m sure she’s destined for great things. She enjoys singing, dancing, skiing and relentlessly torturing her twin brother.

Being a full time mother of four kids is challenging, but I try to do the best job that I can. They each have such different personalities. It’s fascinating, gratifying, and sometimes frustrating trying to meet all of their needs and still leave time for me. I am fortunate that I can stay home and be with my children and am in awe of working mothers’ abilities to work and raise children at the same time.