Sand Hill Cranes

As Evan and I were driving back into Jackson from dropping my girls off at camp we came across these beautiful Sand Hill Cranes in the Elk Refuge. I have come across them before on trail rides, and they are quite large and make the most unusual noise. They are spectacular creatures.

Creek in Kelly, Wyoming

The colors in and on the banks of this creek just outside of Kelly were extraordinary. I’m not sure if that green stuff on the sides is a good thing, but it sure was pretty.


This sweet bison was part of a large herd this evening in Teton National Park as we were on our way home from picking my son up at camp.

Wood Door at Mormon Row

Mormon Row outside of Kelly, Wyoming is a beautiful place that I visit every time I come here. Sometimes, however, there are so many bison milling around it isn’t safe to get out of your car. Today when I was there with India and Maia there were only 3 bison visible pretty far off in the distance, which allowed me the luxury of walking to some far-reaching buildings that I had never been to before. We kept a close eye on those bison — that were slowly wandering our way — and kept calculating in my head if we could reach the car before they reached us should they decide to charge. Since I’m writing this, thankfully I never had to test my calculations.

I have photographed this door before at Mormon Row in Kelly, Wyoming, but the beauty of the wood and simplicity of the chain draws me back every year to photograph it again.

Promote the Goat

I stopped by to visit The Butterfield Farm Company in East Granby, CT last week. I found them through a bumper sticker I saw on a truck a few months ago: “Promote the Goat” was all it said. Of course I went home and Googled it and stumbled across their farm, who uses that catchy phrase in their promotions. They had some really beautiful Nubian goats.


I love Columbine. It has to be the easiest perennial in the world. They re-seed themselves (but not crazy like a week) and the new plants always seem to have morphed into some new color or shape flower - or at least mine always do.

Egret Lunch

Because we live along the coast we are fortunate to have beautiful water birds like egrets and herons in seemingly every lake, pond and stream. This lovely egret was looking for his lunch on Memorial Day as my family was heading to the annual Post 53 Food Fair after the parade.

Pink Peonies

I am alive. I apologize for my blogging silence this past month – it wasn’t really planned but it was sort of unavoidable – there are only so many hours in a day. I promise I will post updates on everything very soon.

All of the rain we had this late spring must have contributed to a spectacular year for my peonies.

Flowering Quince

I was up in Kent, Connecticut, a few weeks ago and came across this magnificent hedge of flowering quince just coming into bloom.

Bird on a Wire

This bird and I were singing back and forth to each other until a big 'ol truck came by and scared him away.