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Goat House Cupolas

Double cupolas on the goat house are complete

When I first started researching cupolas to use on the goat house and chicken coop I was astounded at how expensive they can be. Michelle had drawn one cupola on the chicken coop and two on the goat house. At the prices I was finding that would have been prohibitively expensive. Then I stumbled across 3 birdhouses at a local decorating store warehouse. I thought they’d be perfect for cupolas. Then I came across these solar-powered attic fans and I thought that would be great for keeping the animals cool in the summer. We have an enormous old dinosaur of an attic fan in our house and it does wonders to cool off our house. The contractors said they could just build it into the lower box of the fan.

I was feeling so ‘green’ and energy efficient!

Just to really kick it up a ‘green’ notch, I added two solar-powered lights – one for each house. The houses look more technically savvy with all those solar panels than our house does! Then, just for shits and giggles I decided to distinguish the two houses with appropriate animals. I found a great copper rooster at, of all places, Pottery Barn! Perfect for the coop. Then I found really inexpensive goat weathervanes on-line. Two of those for the goat house. They are actually boer goats, but most people would not be able to tell the difference.

And the last items completed today were the ramps for the chickens to get in and out of the coops. Because of the big grade change around the houses, some of the ramps are quite steep! I guess I won’t have any fat chickens when they’re running up and down them all day.


  1. Lisa Gauthier says:

    Must have goat baby pictures soon or I will perish! Do you want that responsibility?

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