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Dune Grass in the Fading Light

I'm not much of a beach person, preferring ponds and lakes for swimming. I think perhaps it's from two summers of beach rentals with infants & toddlers that permanently spoiled the whole sand/beach experience for me. Photos like this remind me why most people so love the ocean though.


  1. This past October, my husband and I spent a week on Cape Cod sans family for the first time. I happen to be a serious beach lover, but I was concerned that the lack of children, sisters, nieces and nephews, and the occasional parent might make me too sad – NO – we had a wonderful time and plan to go in October again this coming fall. Once you are not hauling around everything for everyone else, you may find it a whole new experience!

    • Well, I’m sure you may be right. We are off to Mexico on Friday for Spring Break, which will be our first beach vacation in 10 years. While it won’t be family-free or stress-free, I’m sure it will be a great improvement from twin babies and a toddler 10 years ago!

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