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Chickens Still Don’t Look Good Wet

As a follow-up to a post from last September, “Chickens Don’t Look Good Wet“, I would like to once again prove that fact. We had some nasty weather at the end of this week, and the farm was quite unhappy. Chickens just look miserable when they are wet.

A muddy, wet white cochin just can't look good.

It doesn't matter the color of the bird, no chicken can carry off the wet look well.

Heading inside where it's dry.

And the goats despise rain and mud. They would come out to eat only, and then headed straight back into the relative dryness if their stalls.

Kiki heads inside.

Kate's going to see what Kiki and Grace are doing.


  1. I literally went into a coughing fit laughing so hard at the photo of that poor wet chicken. *wheez*

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