Farm Farm

Enjoying Fall

The animals are thrilled that all of the snow is all melted from our freak October snowstorm. I was disappointed though because I was scheduled to go farm hunting up in Litchfield County today with the kids but it got postponed because most of those poor people still do not have power from last Saturday’s storm. The power companies have promised to have most people restored by Sunday! We will reschedule and do it next Saturday or Sunday.

The collection of eggs for today. I got a few more stragglers later.

Kiki & Grace on the porch of the Old Coop.

Fallen leaves are a favorite goat snack, so this is a joyful time for all of them.

The adolescents gather on the porch for a meeting. They're probably going to hit me up for more vegetables.

How does Snow White keep her bum so clean?

Grace appears to be smiling here. Probably because she's snagged the favorite spot on the farm to hang out; an elevated hammock-type dog bed I got from my aunt's estate. They all love it, although Melina's weight pushes it almost to the breaking point.

This chicken is looking more and more every day like it's a rooster and not a hen. Those blue/green long tail feathers are a dead giveaway. No crowing yet though.

This adolescent Barred Rock is looking more like a grown up chicken every day.

The crowds gather impatiently as dinnertime nears.

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