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A Crested Crane, a Truck and a Bunny

I wanted to try and do some more linoleum prints working off of some of my photos. I usually work from drawings, but wanted to see what I could do with a photo. In printing these three cards, for the first time I used an oil-based printing ink, which certainly made clean up of my materials more difficult, but I really thought it printed much cleaner. it’s also permanent, so when I go in to hand-color the cards I don’t have running black ink to worry about. I thought it was well worth the extra effort in the printing process.

I started with one of my favorites of this crested crane that I took at the San Antonio Zoo last March.

Finished printed and hand-colored card of the Crested Crane.

I like this card, but it’s not as dramatic as the real photo with his piercing eyes.

Then I tried a photo of mine of an old pickup truck.

Finished printed card of Truck.

And lastly I did a bunny. Not from a photo, just because I liked him. He’ll probably be added to the “farm” series of cards I’m working on.

Finished printed card of Bunny.

I really like him.

I’m working on a new one for the “farmhouse” series, and the final one for the “farm” series will (hopefully) be from a photo of Kiki.


  1. the crane and the truck are my faves. great additions to the line.

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