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Dinnertime Around My House

This is what dinnertime looks like around my house.

Around 5:00 I hear the goats bleeting outside the back door. In goat speak they are screaming and yelling at me about how they are about to starve to death.

If I don’t respond quickly enough to their urgent pleas Melina will gather up some of the chickens to join in the pleading and then she will hop up on her front feet, standing at the back door and start screaming a little more loudly through the window, certain that I couldn’t possibly be ignoring their urgent needs.

When I can’t take the noise anymore I’ll get their food together; Goat feed and ground fresh vegetables for the goats, and scratch grains and lots of ground fresh vegetables for the chickens. They are so spoiled.

Luckily my mom was around tonight to get a picture of me walking to feed them. I’m like the pied piper – goats and chickens running as fast as they can from every part of the yard when they see me with the food bowls. Of course most of them have gathered close to the back door at this point.

Once I’ve scattered the food around I’ll gather the afternoons eggs and lock them in their enclosed area for the night. Then once it gets dark I’ll just go into the coop and lock up their door to keep them predator-safe for the night.

It’s not the life for everyone, but it sure is the right one for me.


  1. Catching up on all of the posts while I was away. I love this one.

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