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My Favorite Dinner

This my number one favorite dinner. Especially delightful as there is no cooking involved!

There is nothing more delightful for me than the occasional special dinner of cheese, salamis and ripe fruit. We are fortunate to have an amazing cheese shop here in town, and while going to the grocery today I longingly looked over at it and decided it had been too long since my last cheese plate dinner. I bought two different types of salamis;  Saucisson Lyon from New York, and Cervalot, a pork & beef salami also from New York. Three types of cheeses — St. Nectaire from France, a soft raw cow’s milk cheese that had a wonderful earthy flavor, Challerhocker, a hard raw cow’s milk cheese from the Rufertschwil region in Switzerland. amd Grayson, a raw cow’s milk cheese from Virginia. I paried all of these lovely things with fresh green grapes, ripe pear and apple slices, along with slices of fresh baguette. Heaven.


  1. had just picked up a fruit and cheese tray when I saw this. Great minds (and lazy bodies) think alike! I love it even more in summer. I still have not been to that cheese shop, but I will go. Paige tried brie tonight and loved it.

  2. OH NO!!!! NOT THE FRUIT, CHEESE AND SALAMI PLATE!!! I’m dying for cheese. I’m dying for fruit. I’m dying for salami!!! You know how when people work at a food place they hate the food after a while? I seem to get the impression the people at that cheese shop still love working at that cheese shop. I love that shop. They are so helpful and I don’t mind spending the extra money on really good cheese for the extra attention and knowledge I get when in there. Nice post!!

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