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Trying to see the good on a bad day

These past two days have been a struggle, but i’ve tried to continue to see the beauty in the small things.

(Please excuse the poor quality of these photos. My camera was in my forgotten suitcase, so I was left, extremely frustrated, with only an iPhone.)

The wildflowers blooming in the pasture that Jive was in.

The incredibly handsome English Mastiff outside of the grocery store. He was the color of a weimaraner and had the face and body of a boxer.

The flowers long past bloom in Connecticut still in their glory here.

Or this puppy at Dr. Theo’s this morning. Only six weeks old and looking for a home. She would have been coming home with me if I hadn’t been told that her combination of heeler and catahoula leopard dog would make chickens an irresistible treat for her. Goodness she was just what we all needed at that very moment. Puppy breath licking your face and the most incredible turquoise colored eyes.

Or the proud mom moment of my girls fearlessly entering the time trials of the barrel racing event at the Teton Barrel Racing Association event tonight and doing incredibly well! India got a time of 32 seconds on China.

And Maia, who has never run a barrel course in her entire life went into the ring on Louie, whom we have no knowledge of whether or not he’s ever done it before in his life. They ran the course flawlessly and got an impressive score of 43 seconds.

Even with sadness and a heavy heart there is always joy to be found.


  1. beautiful pictures. So proud of the girls! That is so exciting.

  2. A lovely tribute to Jive.

    Susan and Bentley

  3. Looks like you all measured right up to your own quote and you all got right back up again…

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