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They’re Here!!!

Update: I’m going to add photos as the day goes on because they are just to cute not to. I’m trying to get them to nurse well and it’s a bit of a struggle. I am covered in goats milk and have just been slapped in the face by a diarrhea-covered tail (Cissy’s got it after the trauma of the birth). Gross. The joys of ‘farming’.

Well the wait is over. Around 8:45 last night I heard Cissy bleating loudly over the baby monitor and by the time I got out to the goat house the first baby was already half-way out! I couldn’t even grab a camera fast enough to get a single picture of the delivery! It was pretty chaotic for the first 10 minutes or so. She was still in the big pen and Melina was very upset and I was afraid she would harm CIssy or the baby, so while this poor baby is half-way out of Cissy I’m trying to shove a distressed Melina and Princess Kate out the stall door, call Jim and the kids over the baby monitor and help Cissy all at the same time. Once all that was done I could settle down to help her. She hadn’t even finished cleaning the first one off when we were delighted to see another one coming. This one was much smaller than the first, and looks very much like Cissy. Both are girls and are doing well. Cissy seemed tired but content. I’ll write all about it tomorrow, but I just wanted to post a few photos.

Two girl kids arrived last night safely - and quickly!

It was truly amazing to watch, and I am so happy that Jim and the kids got to see it too. They were so excited to see them born.

This was the first girl born. She's a beautiful red color with white markings.

She was completely worn out from the ordeal of being born and once she'd had a little milk she took a nap under the water bucket.


  1. I’m so happy they are here and healthy! The dark one is a total “Mini Me”!

  2. They are just about the sweetest thing!! Glad everyone is doing well.

  3. Got names??

  4. It’s too bad there isn’t any audio so everyone can hear the baby bleating. It is too cute to describe. It is so amazing that they are standing and walking only an hour after they are born. The adorableness factor is off the charts!

  5. Agree with cy… these 2 are the cutest. Wish I’d snagged a peek this morning… congrats! So glad they are healthy and doing well.

  6. Marissa says:

    Very exciting to see your new additions to the family. We are looking forward to meeting them tomorrow.

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