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Spring Preparations & Nesting

I’ve been madly nesting lately – must be sympathetic nesting for my pregnant goats. Poor Melina is getting so big that she’s been taking these long deep sleeping naps during the day with a look of sheer exhaustion on her face. It’s hard to image she’s got over a month still to go. I’ve been organizing and cooking and cleaning. There’s so much to do.

I’m hoping that my first batch of day-old chicks will arrive on Tuesday, so today I gathered all of the equipment and supplies I would need for their arrival. Tomorrow I will prepare my usual spot in my basement for them to grow and feather out before I move them out into what I now refer to as my “brooder” coop.

While I was at it I figured I’d gather up all of the equipment and supplies I would need for delivering the baby goats. I’ve been re-reading books on what to expect during the delivery and hope that I am prepared for anything.

Then while I was at it I figured I’d check out my long-ignored soap making equipment to see what I needed to re-stock while I had the time. I’m going to try my hand at making goat’s milk soap. It has been a few years since my last venture into soap making, so all of the oils will need to be replaced.

While I was foraging around in the basement cabinets I came across a bunch of slabs of ready-made soap base in all kinds of fun varieties: Honey, Olive Oil, Translucent Oatmeal, Shea Butter, and Avocado Cucumber. So I’ve spent the day melting them down, adding scents and other things and making bars from them.

And on Friday I put up a batch of home-made ketchup. I had these great jars just waiting to be used, and it came out great. Then I had to design a label. Years ago I had attempted to make hot sauce. This wasn’t particularly successful as it separated while sitting in the jar so it wasn’t very ‘attractive’, but I had used Evan’s picture on the label. Maia, of course, remembered this, so as soon as I mentioned “label” she said it was her turn. I obliged. I had this goofy picture of her from a few weeks ago where she was wearing an afro wig I had (from an old Halloween costume) and a mustache, so it worked perfectly for what I had in mind.

So lest you think I’ve been sitting around eating bon-bon’s all weekend. I’ve been busy!


  1. LOL!!! LOVE!!!

  2. you are amazing. I love being your friend. Hope I get to see the chicks!

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