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Raspberry Picking

In my effort to pick every fruit as it comes into season, the girls and I headed up to Sharon, Connecticut in Litchfield County to pick the just-opened picking season of raspberries. We had a really nice day. The weather, after the gloom and rain of yesterday, cleared off nicely. That is one of my favorite areas of the state, and we watched rafters and fishermen on the Housatonic River, the kids saw baby foxes romping on a lake’s edge, and we stopped for lunch in one of my favorite towns, Kent.

We didn’t arrive at the farm until probably 2:30 or so, so although it wasn’t crowded at all, the picking was a little thin. However, if you took your time and looked under leaves we were able to find some very nice berries. Delicious. After the abundance of strawberries at our first outing this summer, it was hard to leave with our measly 3 pounds of raspberries though.

The girls were having more fun with my camera than with picking, and you can see that my “view” through the lens is reflected a bit in their photographic style as well.

India, surprisingly, has an interest in boarding school, so on the way home asked if we could stop and see the campus of Kent School. It was small and lovely.

But even on a good day they have their moments of not getting along.


  1. I came to see if you had a report on picking… thanks for the pics. That bridge photo is amazing, dizzying!

  2. My husband is a Kent alum. Love that campus.

    Susan and Bentley

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