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Modern Art — Sometimes I Just Don’t Understand It

In September when Jim and I went into Manhattan to see The Book of Mormon, we also went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Generally I like lots of art; I like some modern art, I like some traditional art. My favorite art is primitive folk art, and I love sculptures. But art is a very personal thing and everybody has different tastes. Walking around the Met, some of the art was certainly impressive, and there were lots of incredible pieces that anyone that studies basic art would easily recognize.

Who can't appreciate the beauty of Van Gogh's Starry Night?

Of course I was partial to Picasso's Goat sculpture.

And I loved this Flag by Jasper Johns. You had to be very close to see that it was painted on strips of newspaper.

But some of it I simply don’t understand.

To me this looks like a broken window shade.

And these look like bloomers drying on a clothesline.

And I'm pretty confident my chickens could replicate this if I tied chalk to their feet.

It looks like Jim's had another bike wreck.

I enjoyed going to the museum and most of the works I loved, but some of it — I’m sorry, I just don’t understand it.


  1. Great descriptions! LOL!

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