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I’m Heading to Texas Y’all

I leave tomorrow for Texas with my 13-year old daughter, India. Amanda is flying down from Lexington to meet us in San Antonio as they are both on their spring break now.

It will be a whirlwind tour; we’ll spend 3 days in San Antonio, one day in Austin (where Amanda will visit U.T. Austin’s Nursing School as a possibility for graduate school), then on to a night in Fredericksburg and back to San Antonio with part of Wednesday there again before we head back home late Wednesday night.

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We are all looking forward to the trip. I have never been to Texas before and it has been on my “short list” of things to do. There’s going to be quite a bit of driving, which I don’t mind at all; it gives me more opportunities for photos I wouldn’t otherwise get.

I’ll be posting from the road assuming I have internet access everywhere I go, which is only questionable in the Fredericksburg area.

See y’all later.


  1. yeeeeehaaaawwww! Hope you have a rental with a GPS!!

    • Ha ha ha. You’re just jealous you won’t be getting lost in the Texas highlands with us. But yes, Amanda, who stole my portable GPS is bringing it with her so I didn’t have to rent one with the car.

  2. I think your IPhone must have GPS- check it out. I wish I was going with you! So jealous. Have fun! Sister

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