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Hurricane Irene

If you want to see a blogger do a “happy dance”, just restore her internet after 4-1/2 days without it!

Five beautiful egrets enjoy the new lake Hurricane Irene created in our neighbor's driveway and the neighboring Land Trust land.

It’s been five days since I posted anything because Hurricane Irene rolled in to our town on Saturday night and there’s been a lot of chaos since then. We live on the water here in lower Fairfield County, Connecticut, and while things could have been much worse, we still got hit relatively hard. While almost 70% of our town was without power at first, somehow we did not lose power. We did, however, lose our cable and internet, which just came back on late this afternoon. Losing your internet when you are a blogger makes life difficult. You also don’t realize how reliant you have become on the internet until you don’t have it.

Thankfully we did not get the rain quantities that they originally anticipated which helped ease the flooding away from the coast. We live near the water, but not next to it. The image above is about two blocks down the street from us. About the same distance away but in a different direction this bridge was still overflowing with water. This is nothing compared to how high the water had been just a few hours earlier.

A very large tree came down in our yard, roots and all. Fortunately it landed safely away from hitting anything. For size perspective, that is my husband standing on the tree.

There were large trees across streets and power lines were down everywhere.

And Jim probably should have put a piece of plywood over the roof of his car. A large branch ripped a whole in the roof of his Miata.

This is what all the streets looked right after the hurricane passed through. There were branches large and small everywhere along with lots and lots of leaves.

When it was all over the goat and chickens came out to survey the damage. What a mess! I had visions for days prior to the storm of a tree coming down and crushing the new chicken coop or goat house. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

Grace is to busy scratching an itch to look at the hurricane damage.

I’m grateful we are all OK and that my animals are too. Although I do not normally watch TV, I hope to catch up on the news tonight and see more of the devastation in Vermont and other area. I’ll also be catching up on some blogging!

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