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Crafty Farm Girl Photo Shoot

I had a boxer in my late 30’s, Maddie, that I adored. I showed her in obedience and she was a wonderful friend to me. When she died I realized I didn’t have a really good photograph of her. Her ears were kind of funny and she had a snaggly tooth, but she was the sweetest dog ever. After that I vowed to always have my animals photographed. It may silly to some people to have photographs taken of your pet, but not to me.

An old friend that I went to school with in grades 1-5, Lisa Printz, is now a photographer — primarily an animal photographer. She does stunning photographs of all kinds of animals and does a lot of work with rescue dogs. She found me through Facebook some time back and we finally got together yesterday to have her take some farm photos. She does not normally shoot people in anything other than an abstract way in the background of shots, but agreed to do some ‘people’ shots for me. Being my usual un-photogenic self, I’m sure she was regretting that decision by the end of the day. I think the final choices were pretty limited, and she’s not done sorting through everything yet, but here are some of the best photos.

This is Amanda and our dog, Bullet. I ADORE this shot.

I love this shot of me and Grace. She and Kiki were both exhausted. It was about 95 degrees and they had already had a very full day when Lisa came to take pictures.

Grace giving me kisses. Well, she's actually sucking on my ear hoping that some milk might come out somewhere, but I'll call them kisses.

My little Kiki peeking out from under the goat house. Her eyes look a little scary though for some reason.

I don't care for this photo, but everyone else seems to like it. I think I look like I'm in pain.

To see some of the amazing photos that Lisa has taken, you can check out her website and portfolio by clicking here.

I can’t wait to see what else she’s got when she’s done sorting though everything.


  1. i love these, aimee, and want to see them all! I think the one with you looks like Jim just asked you to do something and you are saying, “are you crazy?!” Love all of these, and can finally show Clarke what my beloved Bullet looks like. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Take more! My Bentley is photographed nearly daily, but I never quite capture the love in his eyes.

    Susan and Bentley

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