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Clarksdale, Mississippi to Carrollton, Georgia

Well weren’t we surprised to wake up in the morning on Wednesday to find snow on the ground! Bad enough that we hadn’t seen a single glimpse of the sun since arriving in Texas, but now we had to add snow to it??

So now now the steely grey cast that all of my photos have had to them on this trip will also be snow covered.

This cute little kitty and her brother desperately wanted us to take them with us when we left. They were very friendly, and frankly I'm surprised my sister didn't have at least one sleeping with her that night.

Another shack in the morning snow.

Can I please have this shack with the faded turqoise paint please?

Inside the lobby of the Shack Up Inn is really something.

There was one street in Clarksdale that had some beautiful homes on it.

But there was also a whole lotta empty going on there.

On the drive to Carrollton I found two cars I would like to have.

This is an old Chevy of some sort; I don't now what kind, but my dad will as he's been a car buff his whole life. It's like the original version of an El Camino with more style. There's enough room in the back for a few bales of hay or a goat.

And I would love to get my hands on this old pickup truck.

We didn't see a whole lot on our drive this day, but we did see the Campus of Of The University of Mississippi (Old Miss), which was a beautiful campus, and the town of Oxford was charming.

At the end of a very long day of driving, we had made our goal and reached Carrollton, Georgia. As we were pulling into the town we saw the first glimpse of blue sky we'd seen 5 days! Things were looking up.

Although the name put us off at first, the reviews convinced us to try it. We ate at The Little Hawaiian and had the best meal we'd eaten in a few days. It felt wonderful to be eating something that at least seemed to be slightly more healthy than what we'd been eating the last few days.

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