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My youngest son and daughter, the twins, started a new school on Tuesday.

Today my son was bullied.

Not maybe it might have been bullying.

Outright, mean, inappropriate bullying.

By a kid 2 grades higher than he’s in.

By a kid several feet taller than he is.

He was bullied because he’s small.

My son has been bullied before for his size.

He’s been bullied before because he stutters.

This time two of my daughters were witness to the event.

Having my son come home from school and relate a story like this to me makes me mad.

It makes me cry.

It makes me want to take that kid into an alley and show him what bullying feels like.

But I won’t.

It makes me tell my son how to defend himself if this kid puts him in a similar situation again.

But I hope he doesn’t have to.

It makes me doubt humanity.

It makes me want to homeschool.

It makes me want to take my children and run away somewhere safe where I can protect them.

But where is that?

And it drains me of all my creative energy. So I have nothing else to post tonight.


  1. I am so sorry. It is something that every parent worries about. I can’t imagine how awful.

  2. I am sorry, too. He is such a great kid.
    As parents we are only as happy as our unhappiest child… so right now I know it’s bad for you. Heartbreaking.

  3. I’m so sorry. My son’s only in first grade and we’ve already had to deal with this a little bit. I find myself torn between wanting to edit his activities/ interests to make it less likely that he will be bullied and wanting to follow along beside him as a bodyguard to make sure no one dares lay a hand on him–emotionally or physically. Best wishes to you and your son.

  4. I take it very personally when someone mistreats any of my friend’s children. I don’t have any of my own children so it’s as close as I will come to having any. I just can’t stomach this sort of behavior. It really gets my goat.

  5. PeteLori&Cole says:

    Not our nephew/cousin…he is the most talented, fun, and amazing guy. We totally dislike hearing that this happened to him! Cole says he wishes he could give that (so&so) a piece of his mind for hurting his awesome cousin. Aimee, we hope the days ahead are happier ones for him and for you. Our schools have a zero tolerance policy for bullying. The perp should be suspended and made to apologize, at the very least. Certainly consider protective action should this ever happen again. Definitely involve school personnel so they can help, too.

  6. This post makes me angry and choked up. Bullying is a HUGE deal these days and there should be zero tolerance for it at every school. Kids feel so much shame with being bullied, but the fact that he came to you to share his story, despite those possible feelings shows what a great mom you are and how comfortable he feels with you. I’m so sorry this happened and hope that bully gets taken care of. Middle school is so rough. I think we can all relate to being happy those days are behind us, but I think you re-live some of it with your own children. Lots of hugs and strength to both of you!

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