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A Trail Ride – Finally

I got to take a trail ride today – finally – with just my friend Terry and another friend of Terry’s, Sandy. I’ve taken to calling myself Consuela the Housekeeper because I’ve felt a little overwhelmed and burdened by children, cooking, laundry, and camp preparations, etc. for the past few weeks (months, years…). It was nice to get away, even if it was just for 6 hours. We went to an area that I’d never ridden in before, up north toward Moran Junction, in a beautiful area by the Snake River with great Teton views.

As we rode further, we came upon the mighty Snake River, which is particularly mighty this year. Having more snowfall this past winter than ever recorded, the Snake is higher than I’ve seen it in the 16 or so years I’ve been coming to Jackson. The air was actually cooler riding along the shores of the snake than it was riding further inland.

I got to see two animals that I’d never seen before. First we heard this strange loud noise that sort of had a clacking sound to it as well, and then we saw it – an enormous Sandhill Crane flying a little off to our left. Just a bit further up the trail we came across one on the ground. Magnificent. Almost 5 feet tall and a lovely brown color with a partially red head, he walked along a path horizontal to ours, but was extremely elusive when it came to being photographed. I pulled this one off the internet so you can see how spectacular he was.

Then I was leading our ride as we were heading back towards the trailer and had been loping along for a ways when I dropped down into this little valley and there, over to my left, was a badger running along the hillside, not 50 feet from me. Now the badger is a nasty animal, so I was quite pleased that he was running away from me and not towards me. I was even more pleased about this when I turned around and discovered that my two trail riding friends were absolutely nowhere in sight! I did not even have my camera out at this point so a photograph was not possible, but here’s what a badger looks like for anybody that isn’t familiar. And that is exactly what he looked like in real life! Low to the ground, but wide with those interesting markings on his face.

It was great to be out riding with friends. Jim and the kids entertained themselves all day showing our friends Lorraine, Ted, and their son James around. A hike to Phelp’s Lake, a trip up the tram here in Teton Village where James and Evan gave everyone a real scare disappearing for about a half an hour on a little hike without telling anyone, and a trip into town to do the Amazin’ Maze, which is always a good time. We met camp friends of India’s and their families in town for Thai food for dinner and did last-minute packing at home tonight.

Tomorrow we take India and Maia back up to Dubois for their month at camp. India is counting the minutes until camp starts and she can spend a month with her friends, and Maia is counting the minutes until camp starts and she has to leave me for the first time!


  1. Yes, the snowpack was amazing this year. All of the rivers in Idaho have been running fast and high. We were not able to float the Boise River until late this summer because it’s been just a bit too fast. We are always so happy to have a big snowpack and be out of a drought. The Tetons are so majestic. Glad you finally had a wonderful trail ride.

    Susan and Bentley

  2. You certainly deserved to have an amazing trail ride Aimee – I hope India and Maia have a great month!

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