Fancy Footwork

This past Tuesday we picked up Maia and India from their month at camp in Dubois, Wyoming at Teton Valley Ranch Camp. It was Maia’s first year there as a ‘Yearling’, and India’s third year there, which made her a ‘Top Hand’. Final Rodeo is the big event that marks the end of the season, and although for the parents after the first time or two (and this time made our 5th Final Rodeo) it does begin to have a repetitive quality somewhat akin to the movie Groundhog Day. All in all though it’s a pretty fun day. You meet your kids new friends and re-connect with families that you’ve become friends with.

One of the events at final rodeo is the Dance Contest. This is an event that neither Evan nor India have ever chosen to partake in. Maia, however, it seems has gotten her dad’s dancing feet. Jim is a very good dancer. I am not.

Check her out. You can just see the happiness that defines Maia’s sunny personality.

The Slide

The Shuffle

The Side Step

The Back Kick

The High Kick

The Split!

The Worm

And my personal favorite, The Wave

Unbelievably she did not win. I, as her mother and being completely unbiased, found this rather shocking. She’ll win next year for sure.