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Turkey Vulture

I spent the last 2 days in upstate Connecticut and New York revisiting 2 of the 3 boarding schools India is trying to decide between attending next year. I had never seen a vulture in Connecticut in my life until last year. I think today alone we probably saw 10 or 12, and they all weren't Turkey Vultures; about half were Black Vultures, which are supposed to be rare around here. Was I just having a lucky day in all of these sighting, or are vultures invading the Northeast?


  1. LOL…living here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, they are way too common here. We see them everywhere and as a matter of fact, a month ago or so, there were 2 Bald Eagles in a scuffle with a group of turkey vultures in the empty corn field behind our house. I will say this, there seems to more this year than I ever saw before.

    • Well Laurie, It’s nice to know that it’s not just my area that’s being invaded by the vultures! They’re not exactly an attractive addition to the landscape.

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