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There's an unusual garden in the next town over where I took this photo today. It's unusual in that it's on the corner of a busy intersection and the garden is built around an enormous electrical tower. It's been there for years and it's extremely well cared for and tended. There are dozens of cabbages right now, and later he will add other vegetables. I always enjoy looking to see what is at it's peak when I drive by it.


  1. OMG, I know where you are talking about! I used to drive by there all the time! 😉 It IS amazing. Either the soil is really great, the electrical tower has magical powers or they are fertilizing/miracle growing the crap out of their harvest because everything thrives there. I spoke to the neighbors across the street one time about the garden. I asked if it was theirs. They said no and that they weren’t sure who was in charge of it. They weren’t happy about it either because apparently the land used to be bushes and trees and used to “cover up” the electrical tower. With the garden there now, the tower is exposed. Now, I didn’t say anything but the tower is actually a million feet high, so I highly doubt the trees and bushes covered the entire tower. Obviously what she meant was the bottom of the tower at straight across eye level. In any case, no matter what, they still live across from a tower, there’s no changing that. There just happens to be a successful garden year after year there too. I’m going to stop talking now…

  2. I know it too! I always admire it and never have ever seen anyone tending it. This pic is gorgeous.

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