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Before the Ride

I took this photo of Evan two years ago right before he took his first bull ride. Well, it was a yearling calf, but hey, he was only 9! It's not the best photo in the world, but I still love it.

Unfortunately the camera I took the video of those first year’s rides did not transfer into iMovie. He rode one again last year, and you can see those videos by clicking the links, below. The best part of these is the comments going on in the background, not just by Evan, which are priceless, but by me and my daughters. My friends Randy and Rebecca (and an old boyfriend of Rebecca’s) are the ones handling the cow for Evan.

Evan rides a yearling bull #1
Evan rides a yearling bull #2

Some people around here are horrified at this video, but it’s a way of life out in Wyoming.

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