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All Saints Co., Limited

While in Manhattan tonight with my sister we came across a new store in SoHo called All Saints Co., Ltd. that had the most amazing displays of old Singer sewing machines, knitting and weaving machines and other industrial machines I don't know who designed the space in this store, but it was amazing. Oh, and they also had great clothes.


  1. Saw the same display in the front window of their San Francisco store about a year ago. It blew me away!!!!! Only thing different is that you could see directly into the store through the display – this one seems to have some sort of background that wasn’t with SF display. I’m sure their clothes are cool – I hadn’t heard of them before I saw the window – but this sewing machine display is FANTASTIC! What a fun job to come up with this kind of thing and execute it!

    • No, this photo is of a display INSIDE the store. The front window was ALSO filled with old Singer machines, but there was some work scaffolding covering up the front windows outside a bit. There literally must be hundreds in the store in displays. Where on earth did they find them all is what I want to know? It was really an inspiring design of the store space.

      • How long to gather them is exactly the question – even if you had $$$, to find that many machines would have to take a lot of time. They were all so shiny and perfect – no rust, no dings, no missing paint or detail that you could notice. I realize that they are around at garage sales, thrift stores, antique markets, etc. but the sheer volume of machines they had was just over the top! I took pics too, not as good as yours, and I went back a couple of times over the week to look at the display again. Glad to hear that someone else finds it as intriguing! 🙂

  2. just WOW.

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