Farm Farm

We’ve Got More Windows!

As my sister and I were leaving for the airport tonight I ran in the back and snapped a few quick pictures of the new windows in the goat house. After 3 days of absolutely no action out there it was exciting to see some progress this afternoon. Two small windows on each side of the entry door.

And a small window to the left of the back door. There will be one more small window between the two goat doors at the back of the building, but that hadn’t been installed yet. Inside they were putting up the walls finally! Over the thin luan plywood they will be putting up something called Glasbord, which is like a plastic sheeting that will make the whole inside totally washable and easy to keep clean.

The thin plywood being installed on the walls before the Glasbord is put up inside.

Hopefully they’ll have some exciting things finished by the time I get home from Atlanta late on Saturday night.

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