Farm Farm

We’ve Got a Roof!

They raised the roof on the goat house today! They also cut out the windows. You really get a sense of what the space is going to be like now. I think I’m moving out there.

The front of the goat house with 3 nice big windows.

The left side of the goat house. That is the main entry door. There will be a small window to the right and left of the door here. Please note the little chicken door has been cut already (lower left). The chickens will be able to get into the goat house to socialize, but the goats will not be able to fit into the chicken coop - they eat the chicken food and it makes them sick.

The backside of the goat house. The openings for the two dutch goat doors have been cut. There will be a window between the two goat doors.

The right side of the goat house. The hole on the left is another "human" dutch door and a window to the right of that. Because of the change in grade of the land which causes an elevation change, this door will be nailed shut at the bottom, but the top will open for ventilation. If we decide to make it operable at some point we will have to add stairs and a railing.

And just because she’s so darned cute, here’s Princess Kate.

Princess Kate has an itch

She’s getting a little less shy every day. Melina and Cissy are still extremely jealous of her, but that is improving every day as well.

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