Farm Farm

The Morning Routine

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, and now that I’ve got the chickens all sleeping in one coop I finally got my chance.

Below is a video of the morning farm feeding routine. Now there’s a lot of subtle things going on here that you need to look out for. First, there are 3 adolescent chickens that spent the night outside so they’re running around before I even open up the chicken door. I don’t know where they were hiding, but I’m sure glad Mr. Fox didn’t get them. Second, when I open up the door to the chicken coop the same chicken is always the first one out. When I open up the door to Melina and Princess Kate’s stall, Melina comes right out to eat. So do two of the three chickens that insist on sleeping in the goat house every night (one is broody so she stays on her eggs). Princess Kate, who is a Tennessee Fainting goat, sometimes gets so excited at mealtime that she has a fainting spell. This faint seemed to be particularly long though and Melina moves from her bowl over to Kate’s before Kate can even come out. Then you’ll see the goats all wandering back and forth eating from each other’s bowls, and then finally you’ll see Kiki squeeze into the chicken door to go and have a quick bite of chicken food.


  1. You should re name that “Chicken Clown Car Coop”!!!!!!!!!!! They just kept coming out and coming out!!!!!! I love this video, thanks for posting it!

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