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The Final Chicken Coop & Goat House Design

Final Goat House & Chicken Coop Designs, ©Crafty Farm Girl, 2011

As you can read in my first post regarding this, my goat’s got kicked out of their house by the chickens and are currently living in a (very) large doghouse. They seem quite content in there actually, but as their belly’s swell with their pregnancies, the urgency to get a nice new comfy home for them and their kids seems quite urgent.

Melina last week is looking very pregnant with a due date of May 9th.

With a due date of May 27th CIssy isn't quite as large as Melina is, but she's always tended to be slimmer than Melina anyway.

I put my application in with the building department today at the Town Hall for the permit. Even though it is considered an exterior shed, in our town it will still require a permit. Michelle has thoroughly researched every aspect of this design and the town regulations and we do not foresee any problem with getting approval.

What was really nice, however, was how excited the people at the Building Department got when I gave them the plans! The guy practically swooned at Michelle’s drawings; the fact that she still did them by hand and at the beauty of the design. Then the oddity of it being a goat house and chicken coop had the whole town hall a’buzzing by the end of the day I’m sure. Although this area all used to be farmland a long time ago, there just aren’t too many people in these parts that do what I do anymore. Luckily most, if not all of the town, is still zoned as farmland, so as long as I don’t create any noise or ‘smell’ problems, and conform to the usual setback requirements, I should be good.

And then later tonight I got the good news that a little Tennessee Fainting Goat doeling I’ve been waiting to hear about it available. I’m so excited. I’ve been wanting to get a Myatonic goat for years, which is an American Heritage Breed goat. My sister and I visited the farm where I will be getting her from, Whitmore Farm in Maryland, a few years back. I’ve been been waiting and waiting for the right time. The time is now. If you don’t know what a Myatonic goat is, then watch this video:

I’ll be able to pick her up in mid-May, which should time perfectly between Melina’s kis’ being born and Cissy’s kids’ being born.

My friend Sue and I bought a bunch of Ameriaucana chicks from them probably two years ago and they lay those beautiful blue or green eggs. While we’re down there I’ll be getting some day-old chicks for myself and few for Sue again and save myself the high shipping costs. I want a few Marans and Welsummer’s, which are also American Heritage Breed chickens. They lay a deep dark brown egg color that I’ve been dying to add to my flock.

It’s all SO exciting!


  1. You should patent the design, develop a kit, and sell it nationwide!

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