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The Farm in the Snowstorm

The farm woke up Saturday morning to a snowstorm.

I have never had such a bunch of snow sissies as the crop of chickens goats I have right now. Last winter Melina and Cissy literally lived in a large doghouse from December until May and frolicked in the abundant snow we got all winter long. One snowstorm was so big that I was out there at 2 in the morning shoveling out the front of the doghouse for fear that they would get snowed in and die of suffocation. This year I guess they’re used to the comforts of their fancy schmancy goat house and seem loathe to even touch a hoof in the fluffy white stuff. Gracie seems to be the only slightly adventurous one. Kiki tries, but it’s usually just for a quick dash through it and then right back up to the porch. Poor Princess Kate was fainting all over the place today the snow had her so anxious.

And there has never seen so much traffic in and out of the chicken coop during the day. Normally they come out in the morning and, except to lay an occasional egg, don’t venture back in until bedtime.

Look how fluffy Grace is! She ventured out to watch Maia sled a bit. The other goats watched from the porch.

And the chickens watched from under the coop.

Kiki the fluffy butterball.

Pardon me while I shove copious amounts of hay in my mouth.

Bullet the mighty snow warrior.

Beyonce in the snow.

The farm looks pretty covered in snow.

Earlier in the week I was taking some pictures and decided I am officially obsessed with Corn Flakes, my rooster. He’s very photogenic.

I’m also mildly obsessed with two of my barred rock chickens that appear to actually be roosters. Every day their feathers get more beautiful, and thankfully not a peep out of them yet.

Look at all the different shapes and textures of feathers on this barred rock.


  1. We had the opposite problem on our farm – the horses didn’t want to come in from the snow.

    I love your blog- your goats are adorable!

    • Well I’m jealous that your horses got to frolic in the snow on your farm. My horsee living in Wyoming isn’t the most practical way to own a horse, and I want to bring him home!

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