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The County Fair

On Saturday Amanda, Evan and I drove up to the Lebanon County Fair after we went peach picking. I was hoping to find a few lovely chickens for sale, as there usually are some available at these things. Some of my favorite chickens have come from county fairs: Sadie, Lucy & Laura, my original buff orpington’s, and Mr. & Mrs. Pocket. However, we were very sad to discover that not a single chicken there had a for sale on it’s cage. There were some very nice looking chickens there though along with some other lovely creatures.

You will never see a cow as clean as when it's ready to go into the show ring. They look fabulous. These yearling cows are washed and ready to go. I love the two different colors.

And there was a camel there!

Anybody that’s known me for a while knows I have a love of camels. I met this one last year at another fair, and have made other camel friends in my journeys. There was my camel friend in Kentucky, and then there was my camel friend up in Maine last year. Just look at those lips! So kissable.

And those eyes!

Jim lives in fear that one day and there will be a camel in the back yard. He might put his foot down at that. They are terrible fence breakers, and I read last year that a woman was killed when her camel, who I guess loved his owner, suffocated her when he tried to ‘get fresh’ with her. Geesh. What a way to go.

Then there were these adorable baby goats. They were saanen nubian cashmere goats. Look at those spots! And wow, were they soft. If Amanda hadn’t been a little grumpy by this point one of them probably would have come home with me. Grace and Kiki would not have liked that.

Baby goats for sale. Oh my. Look at those spots.

Then we went on to the poultry house.

A spectacular barred plymouth rock rooster taking a nap

The Barred Rock's exquisite tail feathers

Barred Plymouth Rock

A Black Sumatra rooster. I've bee dying to get one of these, but they are hard to come by.

Check out the unusual comb on this rooster. I believe it is a Silver Lakenvelder. The shape of the comb is called a Rose Comb.

An extraordinary example of a Non-Bearded White Silkie chicken. He was pacing too quickly to get a good shot of him.

This was a terrific Standard Buff Orpington rooster. See his large "single" comb in that terrific deep red color against his beautiful golden yellow feathers. And look at those eyes!

Just look at the colors in this amazing tail.

I have no idea what kind of rooster this was, or what that unusual white marshmallow-like thing is hanging off his cheek. If anyone knows what breed this is, give me a shout out.

I have to say that after all of those chickens in cages, it was nice to come home and see my girls all happily roaming around.


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