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Texas Farms

Since I can’t post about my farm critters when I’m gone, I figured I’d post about other interesting ones that I find.

Although we saw a number of cows, goats and sheep today on our drive, we stopped at a place that had a small farm behind the store. We got there as the sun was getting low on what had been a very grey and rainy day. There were noisy Guinea Hens yelling at me to leave, and there were a surprising number of lovely roosters and very few hens. It’s possible that the ladies had already gone to bed for the night, as my experience has proved that the hens go to bed before the roosters. The roosters flew up into the trees to roost for the night. Around back we came across a paint horse and two donkeys, who were all desperate for our affections as I’m guessing this time of year there’s not a while lot of traffic through this store (it was pretty much in the middle of nowhere).

A stunning Black Sumatra rooster.

A Blue Copper Maran rooster. Lovely.

A rooster and his lady get a few last minute bites to eat before heading off to bed.

The guinea hens and chickens waiting for me to leave so they can go to bed.

Another shot of the lovely Black Sumatra rooster.

They flew up in the trees to roost for the night.

A pretty paint.

Two miniature donkeys.

I can’t wait to see what I come across tomorrow.

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