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We went snorkeling today in two locations, and thankfully we rented an underwater camera for the occasion.

At the first location we saw a huge sting ray and a large barracuda – thankfully he was heading away from me or you would have seen Aimee walking on water back to the boat!

Unfortunately I got slightly sea sick on the way to the second dive location, so I stayed in the boat while Jim and the kids went out in the second location. They saw SIX sea turtles, with one being as large as Maia they claim, several more sting rays, and a very large barracuda. Maia had the camera for this dive, and she did an awesome job of capturing all the things I missed.

That brown thing is a flounder on the ocean floor.

Maia was determined to get the best photos for me she could of the barracuda, but I can tell you I wouldn’t have gotten that close to one!

And more sea turtles! These fish catch a ride on the turtles and clean their shells for them.

The beach where all these sea turtles is is right in the little town we are staying in, so you can bet that I’ll be headed down there on Saturday before we leave so I can see these turtles for myself. Aren’t they cool?


  1. Awesome Photos!

  2. Great job Maia! What’s fun too is to stay in the water and look out at the surface of the water and wait for the turtles to surface to breathe. When their little heads pop up out of the water it is so adorable. But it’s only every 20 min or so I think. They can stay submerged for quite some time unless they get curious as to what is going on at the surface. It’s supposed to be good luck when you see a sea turtle, looks like you are in for some massive good luck!

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