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Slow Food Photos

Last week Slow Food USA was asking people to sign a petition to stop pending legislation that would make it illegal to take photos or videos of farms. They received over 20,000 signatures, two of which were me and my husband, and the bill has failed in Florida with Iowa and Minnesota still pending. If you would like to sign the petition you can click the link above.

Now they are working with people to put together an album of farming pictures for the key legislators in each state to show them that a well managed farm has nothing to hide. They were asking people to download them to their Facebook wall. There’s even prizes to win like a camera and getting your photo in the picture book.

I am such a Facebook idiot that I literally can’t figure out how to download a photo onto their wall. Not kidding. I hadn’t even been on Facebook in probably 6 months. Some of the photos were really stunning. Perhaps I’m doing something naughty here and breaking some blogging etiquitte, but I downloaded my favorites for you to see. If you’d like to take a look at tall of the great photos people have downloaded  and vote for your own favorites just click the link above.

It seems to me that passing a bill like this is solely aimed at protecting the factory farmers from being exposed for the inhumane treatment factory farming provides to animals. Without photos and videos I would not have been able to write my post of “The Truth About Those Eggs You’re Eating”. Nobody wants to read it, but we all have to.

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