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Ready for Occupancy

The Chicken Coop is Ready for Occupancy!

Well, it seems like it has taken an awfully long time (uh, because it has), but the chicken coop, while not finished completely, is now ready for occupancy. Sunday I put straw in all of the nesting boxes, the roost was finished today, and Maia and I spread out pine shavings inside. The goats were much more fascinated with the new building than the chickens were.

And I’m not sure what this chicken thought of the new ‘viewing windows’ in the nesting boxes.

So tomorrow I’ll start to transition the girls over to the new house. It will take a few days I’m sure. I’m hoping to have them all happily moved by the time I leave to go back to Jackson on Monday.

In other farm news Grace and Kiki seem to be growing before my very eyes. They have finally gone from 4 bottles a day to 3, and I’m really hoping to get that down to 2 soon. They are eating much more real food like goat feed, hay and other goat foraging-type food, so all of this will help in the weaning process. Grace is now such a skilled counter jumper in the house that I’ve stopped letting them in as she leaps from floor to kitchen table over to counter like Spider Man, wreaking havoc everywhere she goes. Kiki just looks on like she’s either jealous or very disappointed in her sister’s bad behavior.

And the goat house got the upper board-and-batten siding on it’s front and back today! It looks so – finished – with it on!

Once they finish the siding the decking and roof are next.


  1. so beautiful. can’t wait to see in person soon.

  2. ah!! It will be so much easier to count the girls at night to make sure they are all safe and sound. I just love the viewing windows!

  3. First of all, I love that Dutch Door on the coop. I want one for my own cottage! Secondly, your goats are just as precious as they can be!! Enjoy your trip back out west.

    Susan and Bentley

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