Farm Farm

Princess Kate

So although I liked some of the suggestions for names and was leaning towards Pippa, I found all of the kids were calling her Princess Kate all day today, so I guess Princess Kate it is. At least for now.

I’m not sure if you could see it in any of the photos yesterday, but she has two very large holes in her ears from the number tags assigned to her when she was born at Whitmore Farm. They removed them when I was there since she wouldn’t be needing them anymore, but is left with a large hole in each ear that will slowly heal up over time — a lot like an ear piercing.

Well, I couldn’t let an opportunity like this slip by, so today I stuck some chandelier earrings in those holes and got a few pictures.

Princess Kate

She was still getting tormented and abused by Cissy and Melina today, but nothing horrible. Just an occasional body slam or nip. Most of the time they got along pretty well. I figure within a few days they’ll all be best friends. That, or Melina will have her own baby to worry about. She’s due next Monday/Tuesday


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