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Painting Has Begun on the Coop & Goat House

Well, my new chicken coop and goat house, which were supposed to be done, start-to-finish, in about two months, are now, 5 months later, almost finished. Painting began today, and after that there is just some finish work to be done like enclosing the cement posts with wood.

My piggies got put in the grass while the goat house is being painted.

I had long ago chosen a color scheme of barn red and grey for the buildings. I’m not sure if I’m loving the grey with it right now though, but I’m sure it will grown on me. Or maybe there’s just too much grey? Maybe the doors should stay red? The live-edge siding along the bottom of the structures will stay a natural color and just be sealed with a wood preservative.

Entrance side of the chicken coop.

Front of the chicken coop.

Entrance to the Goat House.

Front of the Goat House.

Far side of the goat house. I do think I like it better with the natural brown and red...

She found it all rather interesting.

I suspect the reason they didn't touch the back of either building yet is they're not quite sure what to think of the goats and chicken. I can just see Gracie now in a nice shade of barn red stain.

I'm sure Kate will faint for them a few times. They'll probably think they killed her when she keels over!

Kiki played a supervisory role from the vantage point of the ramp.

If anybody that wants to weigh in with their opinion on the colors with a comment, I would appreciate it.


  1. since you asked, I agree: the natural wood is the best. I think the contrast of the gray and red is too much of a contrast if that makes sense. maybe the gray is too light… I happen to love natural wood. Interested to see what you do!

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