Farm Farm


Well we certainly have been having peculiar weather this winter here in Connecticut. Finally some snow on Saturday, and then lots of rain on Monday. The farm does not like rain, particularly in the winter. Wintertime is boring enough when there’s no grass growing or other yummy things to forage for, but when it rains there’s really nothing to do. They lay around and sleep a lot and stare out of their stall doors and coop windows. I found myself giving them lots of little snacks yesterday just to get them up and out a bit in between the raindrops. It really was a sea of mud by the end of the day.

Kiki tried hopping from rock to rock to keep her little hoofs clean.

And then today it got close to 50 degrees! It’s January — typically the second coldest month of the year here. The farm started to dry out today and the light was just beautiful when I was feeding them dinner.

Princess Kate enjoying dinner in the beautiful early evening light.


  1. It’s February? Hooray!!! Closer to spring than I thought!

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