Farm Farm

Moving Day

Yesterday it was such a beautiful day that I decided it was time to move the chicks from the basement into my brooder coop. Evan had cleaned it out for me over the weekend, so it was all ready to go.

My Brooder Coop

They were pretty nervous when I first put them in there.

The chicks all moved into the brooder coop

And tonight it’s a little chilly outside so we put in an extra heat lamp to keep them extra warm.

The next big step will be for them to venture down the ramp to the outside (fenced in) world. I’ll hate to wait for a nice warm day for that though.

The eggs in the incubator are due to hatch on or about this coming Thursday. I’ve had good and bad luck with hatching eggs myself in my incubator and I stink at “candling” eggs (a process where you hold a light up to the egg to see if anything is developing in them), so I’ll just have to wait for the date to roll around and see if anything pops out.

The eggs are due to hatch on or about next Thursday

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