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The last post I did on Combs prompted me to do a “chicken inventory” of sorts. It’s no wonder I get confused with all of the different breeds that I have. You’ll see how similar some of them are to each other. It’s fun to have a variety though and provides a rainbow of egg colors in the cartons.

Cheenah is still hanging in there, although frankly the long-term prognosis is not good. She has no use of one leg at all and can't walk. Today she spent the day out in the wheelbarrow enjoying the sun where she was protected and safe.

The snow drops are blooming in the woods behind the farm.

My Buff Brahma is a tiny, sweet chicken.

Ash is my Black Australorp. She was the crazy chicken that went broody last year and laid on infertile eggs for months before finally abandoning the nest. She was one dedicated wanna-be mom.

My one Silver Laced Wyandotte. This was the first breed of chicken I ever owned, and I had 25 of them! They're decent layers, but aren't friendly as compared to some other breeds.

This is Roo, my Partridge Penedesenca. She was a strange chick, and I was convinced she was a rooster, hence the name Roo. I thought she had splayed leg and almost put her down when I transitioned them out into the coop from the basement brooder as a chick. She could barely walk. She still walks with a funny, marching step. She's a very timid chicken but lays beautiful, very dark brown eggs.

I have several Welsummr hens. They are a little bit shy, but lay wonderful dark brown eggs and love to free range in the woods behind my house.

My Golden Campine is a smaller-sized hen that is also on the shy side. She lays large white eggs, and her single comb has gotten so large that it now falls to one side.

The #1 egg laying chicken for commercial egg farms, these are a good breed to have, if a little ordinary. They're friendly, don't mind confinement in caged areas if need be, and are reliable, cold-hardy egg layers.

A Rhode Island Red hen. These were the egg-laying breed used until the Red Star breed was developed that replied them. They are a nice, all-around chicken to have and are very cold-hardy and great layers.

My one White Leghorn lays large white eggs. She's a smaller-sized hen with a large red comb. I've read that petroleum jelly on the combs in the winter helps prevent frostbite, but this winter that hasn't been too much of a concern.

My Delaware could possibly be my least favorite chicken, but that is just my personal opinion. Most people swear by this breed. Whenever I find a chicken eating an egg, it's usually her, or she's at least at the head of the line in the group doing it. They are a average sized chicken that is a very reliable layer.

My White Plymouth Rock is a nice dual-purpose chicken that is a good layer of large brown eggs.

My Partridge Cochin is a sweet feathery chicken with feathered legs and lays brown eggs. All Cochin's are terrific mothers.

I cant tell if Paula Deen is a bad example of a Blue Cochin or a bad example of a White Cochin, because she isn't completely white and tends more to grey, but she's a friendly, sweet chicken, although I think she has angry eyes.

My pure White Cochin is a lovely chicken. All Cochin's look to me like they are wearing victorian dresses with bustles in them.

I have only one Silver Cuckoo Maran. She is a nice hen that lays glorious deep brown eggs. She is considered a "chocolate" egg layer, which is what they call the really dark brown eggs.

A Barred Rock hen on the left and a Dominique hen on the right. The only discernible difference is the combs; the Barred Rock has a single comb and the Dominique has a rose comb.

I have two Dominique hens. They are large docile birds that lay brown eggs. With their rose combs, they are cold tolerant and hardy.

Romeo, my Dominique rooster.

A Barred Rock hen has a single comb.

Rocky, my Barred Rock rooster.

My Golden Laced Wyandotte is a beautiful chicken with a small rose comb that lays brown eggs.

I have two Patridge Chantecler hens and they are lovely large birds that are extremely cold hardy with very small combs.

I have two Blue Andalusian hens. They are a Spanish breed that is very shy but still curious. Both of mine are not very good examples of the breed, as they should be a much darker color. They lay beautiful small white eggs.

I have several Buff Orpington hens. They are a sweet, gentle bird that is a reliable, cold-hardy layer of light brown eggs.

And this is what the roosters do all day long. No hen is safe.

Was it good for you, babe?

And just so the goats don’t feel completely left out:

Gracie's smiling at me because it's such a beautiful day.

Melina looks like one of those Elephant Walrus lying here on the old coop porch. She has got to go on a diet.

Princess Kate

It was a good day for a nap in the sun.

Kiki naps on a big wooden spool.


  1. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but maybe Paula Deen is lavender? Lav is one of those colors that looks so different in different light, and most people think my lav cochin is white till you see her next to white.

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