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More Animals of the South

We had to stop and say hi to this buck. He was in a chain-link fenced-area in the middle of an industrial area. Why he was there and who owned him wasn't clear. He didn't have any friends, but as soon as we stpped him out of the car we could see why….he stunk to high heaven! Bucks (un-neutered male goats) have the most awful smell. But he was friendly and so excited to have visitors that we ended up feeding him half of the fresh pineapple we'd just bought. Taking photos through a chain-link fence was challenging as well. He had magnificent horns and a beautiful long beard. Unfortunately his hooves hadn't been trimmed in years though.

Texas was full of vultures; turkey and black, but we haven’t seen nearly as many as we’ve moved further north and east.

This adorable pack of dogs appeared to be running free and wild, and they were extremely skittish and camera-shy.

These happy dogs were playing out in a field with their Basset Hound friend. They were so cute!

Apparently cows don’t mind sharing their field with vultures.

We’ve seen a fair amount of snowy egrets and great blue herons, although so far the heron’s have avoided being photographed.

These adorable goats were clearly somebody’s pets. They looked more like African Pygmy than Nigerian Dwarf’s, but they were adorable.

We’ve seen a lot more horses since we left Texas, and the largest population to-date has been in Mississippi. Half the houses seem to have a horse or two in their front yard.

Driving through the flat farmland of Arkansas yesterday we saw tons of hawks. This guy was hunting for his lunch on a telephone pole roadside.

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