Farm Farm

Farm Update

My Blue Andalusian peeks out the window of the nesting box.

I haven’t posted much on the farm lately because frankly, it’s a pretty quiet time of year. Two weeks ago the kids and I spent a few hours cleaning the penned area up for the upcoming winter. There were still lots of wood post remnants from the fence construction laying around. Of course my wheelbarrow decided that was the perfect time to get a flat tire.

Wheelbarrow full of construction debris.

And I cleaned out the small old coop now that I’ve got everybody transitioned over to the new coop. There are still 3 hens that go to sleep every night on the old coop’s porch, but they don’t protest when I scoop them up and put them in the new coop every night at lockup time. And there are 4 idiot chickens that spend the night out every night. For the life of me I cannot figure out where they are hiding, but every morning they’re out there blowing me a raspberry for fooling me again. One night they’ll be sorry when old Mr. Foxy comes calling.

And I raked the whole yard up and filled in some holes from chicken dust baths that were really turning into craters. Of course no sooner had I done that than a chicken comes over to dig it right back up.

The yard looks so much better now though. I wish I’d done that about 2 months ago.

And this chicken is too lazy to fly over the fence to free-range. He’s free-ranging the lazy way.

I got a nice shot of my eggs the other day. I want to do a linoleum print of them in their cartons.

And I just found out today that Kiki and Grace get to be on stage! My friend Cristy asked if they could be a part of her church’s nativity pageant in a few weeks. Unfortunately we will already be in Wyoming, but Cyrena volunteered to bring them to and play shepherd for the play! She’ll send me photos so I can post them from Wyoming. I always knew they were stars. Grace certainly acts like one.

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