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I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed it until the other day, but while I had thought I had two Barred Rock roosters, I actually have a Barred Rock and a Dominique. They look identical except for their combs. Barred Rock’s have a large single comb, and Dominiques have a Rose Comb. They are both heritage breed chickens, but the Dominique is much more uncommon compared to the Barred Rock.

Rocky, my Barred Rock rooster with a large single comb.

Maia decided we should name this guy Romeo.

My Dominique rooster with a rose comb.

But combs on chickens are a fascinating thing, and can vary greatly. In some breeds, as in the Barred Rock and the Dominique, the only way to tell them apart is by their combs. I find it very difficult to tell the difference between my Patridge Penedesenca (with a single ‘King’s Comb’) and my Welsummers, with their small single combs.

My Patridge Penendesenca with a King's Comb that droops elegantly to one side is so lovely.

My White Orpington has a very small single comb.

My Dominique hen with a small rose comb.

My Black Australorp with small single comb.

It can really be hard to figure out what these breeds are sometimes, but I’m pretty confident that this girl is a Silver Cuckoo Maran with a single comb to one side.

Does anybody have any hairspray? My comb is a mess.

I bought a stalk of brussel sprouts in the bargain bin at the grocery the other day. Melina was completely hogging it.

I wormed all the goats today, so they were all a little pissed at me.

Melina and Princess Kate were enjoying the beautiful weather today.

Grace and Kiki on the play ramp.


  1. I think your suspected marans is just a barred rock with a huge comb. Marans usually have pink legs.

    I love all combs! No walnuts in there 🙂

  2. I love your blog. I’ve wanted to raise chickens forever but live in an area that doesn’t alow them. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you

  3. I meant allow not alow

  4. I love that your white Orpington is wearing fuzzy bath slippers.

  5. GGMcMurray says:

    Oh my goodness you have your hands full. Love the roosters, I didn’t realize their was more than one kind, lol. I love the dominique one with rose comb, so pretty or handsome.

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