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Another Rooster Development

We’ve had quite a bit of gloomy, steel gray skies around here the past few days, which aren’t very good for farm photos. It’s also been very warm for this time of year, so the animals have at least been enjoying that. Despite the warm weather, the goats are getting their thicker winter coats and are feeling very soft these days.

Remember this poor pathetic molting chicken back at the end of October?

She's looking pretty good now!

And one of the chicks that I had ordered this summer was a barred rock rooster. I ordered him because after seeing them again at the agricultural fair this summer I just couldn’t resist. They are so beautiful. This was one of the roosters at the fair.

Since there was one chick that was dead on arrival of the package, I’d never been certain if that might have been my rooster or not. But sure enough, the other day when I was out at the farm I noticed that one of my barred rock chickens was getting the distinct longer tail feathers, his comb was bigger than the other barred rock’s of the same age, and the neck feathers were becoming longer. I think it’s going to be my rooster! I’ll keep you posted as he develops.

In the meantime, my other rooster is looking more rooster-like every day.

And finally, I’ll show you photos of two of my hens. I have so many beautiful chickens, but when you carefully look at their feathers, it is really just astounding how beautiful their feathers are. Nature is so amazing.


  1. I never knew chickens were so beautiful and interesting until I met yours. I love each and every one of them!

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