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And We Have a Winner

I had 15 entries in the naming contest for my poor injured Barred Rock hen. The random number generator I used gave me a number of 3, so the winner of the set of linoleum print chicken cards is Leilani over at Tales of a Clyde Woman  I’m waiting for her to send me her address so I can send her a set of my linoleum print chicken cards. Congratulations Leilani! While she had a cute story full of fond memories in her suggestion comment, her final recommendation was the name Cheena, after a favorite cuddly chicken she had growing up. Thanks to everyone for participating and for some great name choices. I think I’m going to keep a running list of names to pick from and I’ll stick all of them on there – except maybe the Wok and Roll that Cyrena submitted.

Well, Cheena, I’m afraid to say, is still showing no signs of improvement in the injured leg. I didn’t end up taking her to the vet – probably because I don’t want to hear what they’re going to tell me. So, she continues to live in a crate, but has been coming out to socialize. My husband’s brilliant idea of propping her between two pillows seems to be working quite well. She was watching a taped episode of Glee with the kids the other afternoon.

And an odd phenomenon i’ve figured out is she will only eat if someone is petting her. As soon as you stop petting her, she stops eating – like having an injured chicken in your house isn’t time-consuming enough – this one is completely spoiled.

And sometimes I’ll just prop her up and she’ll happily sit there while I puts around the house.

Here she is watching some stupid show the kids were watching today. I guess when your life is suddenly reduced to living in a crate and being unable to walk, watching TV is pretty great.

I know I’m going to have to deal with the reality of the situation here pretty soon, but I just can’t do that quite yet. Maybe after the weekend.

Rocky was looking for her today.

And this silly thing thought she’d go and finally face her fears and talk to Beyonce.

But I think when she finally got ip close and saw how big she was she chickened out. Ha! Get it…chickened out.


  1. Hey! I know my submission was weird and a stretch to say the least but at least I didn’t suggest something like KFC or Chick Fil-A they way you are talking! Now that you’ve named her Cheena it’s going to be more difficult to “deal with the reality” I would imagine.

  2. I am overjoyed that Cheena was picked in memory of my sweet black hen. Oh, dear. I sure hope your Cheena is able to pull through…even if it means becoming a new household member. She is TOO cute watching television. Could you knit her a sweater? She would look so precious is a sweater!
    Is there any way to put a stint or brace on her leg?

    Praying for Cheena,
    The Clyde Woman

  3. I love your blog, especially the Farm part of it. I’m learning a great deal about chickens and goats, it seems.
    Sure hope things turn out ok for your newly named “Cheena!” Love your stories and pictures.

  4. Alice Ledezma says:

    Your chicken is TOO CUTE!
    We had a pet chicken and her name was MAMAS and a neighbors dog came and attacked her and that was the last time we saw her. My kiddos and I were so sad because she was more than a pet to us. She would peck our back door when she wanted food and company and she would come running to us when we would call her name. Chickens are so much fun to have!
    I hope all comes out well for Cheena!

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