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A Tribute to Fluffy Chicken Butts

This one’s for you, Lisa.

I love chickens, and one of my favorite things about chickens (besides the eggs) are their wonderful fluffy butts. Their tops are covered in their big beautiful feathers, but the bottom is full of the most lovely, downy feathers. I said in a post last year that I just felt like sticking my head in there because it was so beautiful and fluffy. I’m sure that sounds disgusting to most, and I haven’t actually done it, but if you could see a fluffy chicken butt shining in the sun I can almost guarantee you’d feeling like doing it too.

Just take a look here and maybe I can convince you.

She was simply too much of a lady and would not let me photograph her bottom.

This is the first time I have ever had barred rock chickens. I have two of them now. They are such classic looking chickens and are very good layers.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you by this point of the loveliness of fluffy chicken butts. If you live locally and would like to come over and stick your face into one, just give me a call. It’s almost an irresistible thought when you look at them. Well, maybe just for me.


  1. I agree. The chicken butts are fabulously fluffy. How do they keep them so clean with their messy poopies!? Maybe I need an anatomy class…

  2. I love your chickens, butts and all. And their eggs are divine. I don’t remember what I said or did to inspire this one… maybe my butt is getting too “fluffy” and this is your hint? No photos, please 🙂 The chickens are gorgeous.

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