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Beaus for Melina & Cissy

In mid-December I brought my goats up to Misty Highland Farm in Killingly, Connecticut to drop them off for breeding. She has a few beautiful bucks and junior bucks that we are hoping create some beautiful kids.

Driving up I had the most amazing sunset going on in my rearview mirrors.

We chose Revellee for Melina. He’s very handsome in a beautiful caramel color with a long beard.

For Cissy we chose this handsome young buck named George. He’s much younger than Revellee is, so he doesn’t have that great buck beard yet. He’s a lovely chocolate brown color. Cissy is technically a chocolate brown but is so dark she looks black and you can only notice the chocolate highlights when the sun is hitting her just right. I’m hoping by combining Cissy with George’s lighter chocolate color we’ll perhaps get some really nice chocolate kids.

The girls ended up staying at Misty Highland Farm through our Christmas vacation, and it was nice to know that they were in such good care and company while I was away.

When I first brought them up to the farm they were a little overwhelmed by all of the other goats, who were of course very curious about the new arrivals.

One doe in particular was fascinated with the bling on Cissy’s collars (rabies and I.D. tags). She was apparently jealous of the fancy bling and was trying to steal it for her own.

After watching them for a while I needed to head back home. I felt bad for my girls as they were pretty overwhelmed by all of the goats. They clearly wanted to hop right back into the car and go home with me. Sue did end up separating them from the herd for the first few days so they could get acquainted through the fencing.

After a few days they did integrate into the big herd of does. Melina head-butted her way up the ranks of seniority and fit in quite well, but poor cissy wasn’t quite as forceful and mostly just hung close to Melina.

We are certain that Melina is pregnant so we should be expecting her kids around the 9th or 10th of May. Cissy came into heat and was bred to George, but didn’t get to stick around long enough to see if she came back into cycle. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they had a ‘successful union’, and if so, we expect her to kid around the 27th of 28th of May. Obviously I have pretty much cleared my calendar for the month of May.

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